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2021  South City Duffers Golf Club


President/Activities Director: Rich Baltzer

Rich became a Duffer in 2008.  Rich says, "As time went on  I got to know all our great  members and I enjoyed the Club

even more. I've always loved golf, but it's more enjoyable when

you're playing with such a great group of golfers".  "If you love golf, and like great friendships, the South City Duffers Golf Club may be for you".


Vice President:  Dave Diller

Golf is a passion that has been part of my life for over 50 years. It is more than just a hobby or a sport, it is a challenge that is never conquered. It is through golf that I have made life-long friends. A Duffer since 2010, I became Co-Tournament Chairman in 2014, and President in 2016. I will continue to do my best to insure that every member continues to have fun playing, and that they will also continue to feel the challenge that comes with playing golf to win.

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Treasurer : Kent Flinn

Matteo Rizzo: Secretary

As I enter my fourth year with the club, I look forward to playing golf with the many friends I have made since joining.  The Duffers play a wide variety of well designed and maintained courses.  If you are looking for some new courses to play and meeting great playing partners, I recommend that you consider becoming a Duffer.