2021  South City Duffers Golf Club


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Handicap Chairman: John La Duca

John joined the South City Duffers in 2001 and has been actively involved ever since. John grew up in Millbrae and attended Capuchino High School. Having played very little golf before his retirement, John certainly isn't deprived of playing several rounds every month. The Duffers is a great group of golf's who have fun on the course and at the social events. The friendships I have made will last for ever


Membership Chairman: Sam Hernandez

Sam joined the Duffers in 1999 and has served as Director since 2009.  Sam became Membership Chairman in 2009. Sam says, "My job as Membership Chairman is to recruit new

members.  Since in office we have recruited 34 new members. I love my job! The Duffers Golf members are a great bunch of

golf's having a great time playing golf and making friends. I've

belonged to 5 different clubs before joining the Duffers. This

is the BEST club ever. I have met so many great friends".

Director: Tim Smith

Tim has been a Duffer since 2001. He has served on the Board for 6 years.  Tim says, "Golf and the Duffers Club is a great way to get out and enjoy life".

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Tournament Chairman: Arman Beylerian

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Activities Chair: Tina O'keefe